CNC Machining Equipment

Bostomatic BD505HSK 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers (x2)

Boston Digital 3200 Control

Travel X1016mm (40”), Y330 (13”), Z432 (17”)

B Axis +/-110 degree (0.001) A or C Axis 360 degree (0.001)

Full 5-axis contouring capability

Encoder 0.005mm (0.0002”) accuracy.

Fitted with 0.5 Micron Glass Scale 0.004mm (0.00016”) accuracy.

10,000 Spindle RPM, 15 Tool Automatic Tool Changer

Tool Probe, Programmable variable coolant nozzles

Tool length and breakage detection


An American-made machining center that combines innovative design principles, unique control features and quality construction to make it one of the fastest, accurate and versatile machines on the market. It has a 5-axis configuration which can be used as a vertical, horizontal, combination or for full 5-axis simultaneous machining. The ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts, difficult angles, 5-sides of a block in a single setup reduces tooling cost and labour time, resulting in a better cost per part in addition to maintaining parts conformity throughout the run of the part.

Leadwell VMC25 CNC Machining Center

Mitsubishi Meldas Control

Travel X650mm (25.6”), Y407 (16”), Z407 (16”)

6000 Spindle RPM

20 Tool Automatic Tool Changer

4th Axis Option

Toolpath Graphics Simulation

Leadwell LTC20 CNC Turning Center

Fanuc O-T Control

Max Turning Diameter 350mm (13.78")

Max Turning Length 533 (21")

Spindle Bore 51 (2")

4000 Spindle RPM

12 Station Turret

Tool Setter

Toolpath Graphics Simulation

Yamazaki Mazak Quickturn 6T Turning Center

Mazatrol Control

Max Turning Diameter 140mm (5.5")

Max Turning Length 205 (8”)

Spindle Bore 44 (1.75”)

7000 Spindle RPM

8 Station Turret

Tool Setter

Automatic Magazine Bar Feed


Tool Room Equipment


CNC / Manual Combination Lathe, Turret Mill, Surface Grinder, Lap Grinder, Spark Eroder with Orbicut CNC Head, Bandsaw, Polisher, Grinder, Alkaline Cleaning Station, Mig and Arc Welders.

Inspection Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Electronic Height Gauge,  extensive  range of Digital and Analogue Micrometres, Verniers, Bore Clocks, Depth Clocks, Groove Micrometres, Oditesters, Pin, Slip & Angular Gauges, Minitab software for data evaluation.

Maching used in Production

Maching used in Production

Maching used in Production

Maching used in Production

Maching used in Production